Las Las Vegas Cabbie Returns Huge Money Stash to Anonymous Poker Pro

Las Las Vegas Cabbie Returns Huge Money Stash to Anonymous Poker Pro

An honest Las Vegas cabbie made a find that is surprising the rear of his cab this week (Image: Hendrik Holler / Getty Images)

UPDATE: December 27, 2013: Although they generally say that no good deed goes unpunished, for when, somebody who did the proper thing has really gotten rewarded for it: cab driver Gerardo Gamboa had a little merrier Christmas time after receiving a $10,000 reward through the mystery poker player to whom the $300,000 in cash belonged, as well as another $1,000 from their manager Yellow Star cab and a $250 dining certificate.

Evidently like ransom money the money, still bundled in those $5,000 wads, was dropped off at undisclosed location by Mystery Poker Person for Gamboa’s good deed.

Whenever you’re a nevada cab driver, you never know who or what find yourself in your taxi on any provided day. So driver that is veteran Gamboa was unfazed each time a Bellagio hotel doorman, opening the cab’s rear home to help a new customer in, noticed a brown paper bag left on the chair by the cab’s previous occupant, apparently. He didn’t also bother to look inside as soon as the doorman wear it his passenger seat until he got to a light and curiosity got the best of him. Guessing that chocolates lay in wait, he took a peek inside, with illicit ideas in mind should his conjecture be correct.

‘What form of chocolates are they?’ Gamboa pondered. ‘Are they ones that are good I could buy some for my wife as a present?’

Sweet, But Not Candy

But there have been no chocolates inside when Gamboa opened that little bag that is brown instead, there was cash. And by cash, we mean…cash. All nicely bundled to be exact: $300,000 worth in $100 bills. Which probably weighs much more than chocolates, Mr. Gamboa; and perhaps after 13 years in town, a brown paper bag should set some alarms off, but hey, maybe that’s just us.

After notifying his dispatcher of the cache, Gamboa took it to his employer’s Yellow Checker Star Transportation head office but not before he dropped down his current passenger, who we assume was unaware of the celebrity package riding shotgun in the passenger seat at the start.

Now once again, call us cynical, but we might have assumed this kind of large sum of cash in an innocuous brown paper bag had been destined for payoff of some dubious merchandise. But Mr. Gamboa is apparently more trusting than we are, and after turning the money up to Yellow Checker Star, cops had been called in and somehow, the master was discovered, via some good ol’ fashioned gumshoe techniques.

Retracking His Route

It seems Gamboa recalled dropping off a passenger he had acquired at Cosmopolitan, with the destination that is final a Palms Place tower; he also remembered that this passenger had left him a $5 tip for the ride. Just after, he headed to your Bellagio cab line, where the resort’s doorman had noticed the backseat cash stash case only a few mins before noon.

Incorporating drama to the situation, some body mysteriously turned up at the Yellow Star offices to claim the bag, but had no ID, nor had been he the individual to who Cosmopolitan had apparently tracked a outbound repayment associated with exact $300,000. Naturally, this is when Metro had been called in to assist and sort all of it out.

In the end, it had been determined that what could have appeared to be drug money was actually the home of a poker that is famous who Metro refused to publicly identify. Yes, we’re dying of interest too.

‘ This is the largest amount we have discovered in my own 32 years in e-commerce,’ said Yellow Checker Star chief operating officer Bill Shranko. ‘Recently, we found $9,000, but that is no longer a big deal.’

Although Gamboa had apparently considered diving into some chocolate, he states he never considered stealing any of the bagged cash.

‘Even though i’m a poor guy I do not need money that doesn’t belong to me,’ said Gamboa, who is been a las vegas resident for 27 years. ‘Tomorrow, I go back working.’

Develop the unnamed poker celeb will let go of only a little bankroll and show some admiration to one of Las vegas, nevada’ honest citizens.

Although this find was the largest, this past year, a motorist for another cab company additionally returned $222,000 that was kept in their cab by a passenger.

Foxwoods Eyes Fall River Massachusetts for Casino Do Over

Up until now, Fall River, Massachusetts was most famous for ax-murderer Lizzie Borden; but Foxwoods hopes to build a casino there.

Foxwoods may have been refused once in Massachusetts, but you know what they state: if initially you don’t succeed, try, try again. That is the tactic being considered by Foxwoods, because they’re bouncing back from their first defeat in Milford in a referendum by considering going to a new community and attempting their luck again.

All things considered, it’s employed by Suffolk Downs and the populous city of Revere.

‘ We might like to take Massachusetts,’ stated Foxwoods CEO Scott Butera. ‘ We’re looking at a true quantity of possibilities.’

Looking for the New Home

While Butera failed to name any particular communities in a current interview, reports say that the city of Fall River is in mind by Foxwoods. The town found in the Southeastern Massachusetts area (one of three distinct regions that are granted one casino license each) is just over the Connecticut border and may be best referred to as the house of Lizzie Borden the woman well-known for being acquitted of the axe murders of her father and stepmother, method back in 1892.

While Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan wouldn’t confirm that the city has already established talks with Foxwoods, he seemingly gave a nod and a wink to reporters who asked questions about the topic.

‘ Given the sensitivity of this, I can neither confirm nor deny if we are in discussions at this right time,’ Flanagan said. However, he then went on to note that the town will be an excellent location for a major resort casino, and predicted that the proper proposal could win a referendum in the city.

More Time Granted

The Southeast area is the one area of Massachusetts that could see increased activity yet into 2014. Although the Western Massachusetts and Greater Boston areas both have December 31 deadlines for completed applications, those deadlines are forced right back in Southeastern Massachusetts. It was a delay that is planned due to the fact state desired to provide the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe the opportunity to create a tribal casino in your community. Finally, last April, the state allowed commercial casino companies to start the application procedure in earnest.

Still, interest is tepid within the area, in no part that is small the Mashpee are able to overcome the legal problems that have so far stymied their casino plans. Up to this true point, only KG Urban had filed the $400,000 fee for applicants pursuing the Southeast license. That firm had hoped to build a casino in New Bedford, but hasn’t received sufficient help from city officials here to do so.

Foxwoods, having said that, would be exempt from that cost due date, as these have paid the charge as soon as in their failed attempt to build a casino in Milford. That would leave these with time for you complete one other necessary steps including Fall that is having River a referendum before the state gambling payment awards a license in that region, which is anticipated to occur by November 2014. In the other two Massachusetts regions, licenses will tend to be awarded by May of next year, while the ‘slot parlor’ license must be provided to one of three contenders by March.

It is also feasible that other contenders could still emerge to fight for the Southeastern casino permit. Reports have linked Hard Rock International and Rush Street Gaming to your area, though no firm plans have actually yet been established.

PokerStars Turns to Brand New York State for Online Gambling

Can PokerStars win over New York State when it comes to legalizing online gambling? The jury’s still away.

People who work within the upper echelons associated with gambling industry do not moxie that is lack that’s why bad child and former Golden Nugget owner Tim Poster has no problem asking the Nevada Gaming Commission to reinstate him as suitable in the Silver State, and that is why PokerStars parent company Rational Group has no problem thumbing its nose at New Jersey after being rejected as unsuitable for licensing for at least the following two years.

New York Frame Of Mind

That latter pronouncement was barely aired into the media before the online poker giant decided to fight fire with fire. You don’t want us? they said. Fine, we’ll go talk to your friendlier neighbors in brand New York State. And that’s exactly what Rational has done.

And they are doing it the way that is old-fashioned with lobbyists. That’s right, Rational is tossing its fat around within the Empire State now, figuring given that they’re benched for two years in New Jersey anyway, they might as well find another team to play on. And since nyc seems become enjoying some pro-gambling fervor after a situation vote by residents approved a seven-casino referendum for land projects, why not simply piggyback online gambling into the mix at the same time?

One New York media source reports this one of PokerStars top lobbyists has already held private meetings with brand New York Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding this possibility. And after all, it makes sense; Cuomo forced to legalize land gaming in his state for years, and certainly understands the financial possibilities for his state’s coffers via video gaming taxes, so no good reason why he would not feel warm and fuzzy towards online casinos as well.

But can PokerStars overcome its casino industry scarlet letter, the designation of ‘bad actor’ that it’s been labeled with both in Nevada and New Jersey now? That is the $64,000 question at play.

It appears like at cuomo that is least’s legal team is on Rational’s side; ny attorney Cozen O’Connor’s rep Stuart Shorenstein had the ear of Bennet Liebman, who is acting because the Governor’s main advisor on all things gambling these days. According to Shorenstein, it’s now ‘a good time for the architecture that is open; in other words, since you’re opening all these brick-and-mortar casinos, you will want to add cyberspace to the pot? According to a Cuomo spokesman, the governor has taken no stance that is official this proposition at this time.

Working the System

Of program, even if Cuomo likes and backs this concept, there is no guarantee that PokerStars will be allowed in the mix. After all, it was New York’s Southern District offices that originally filed the indictments that brought down PokerStars and its founder Isai Scheinberg in April 2011 throughout the Black that is infamous Friday shutdown by the U.S. Department of Justice.

But hey, at one time the U.S. ended up being at war with Germany and Japan, and now look at us, therefore all things are possible, right? And PokerStars isn’t any dummy when it comes down to working the power system; the business recently brought in former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey to calm the waters with any leftover impressions that are bad brand New York State.