Ooze Slim Twist Professional Kit

Ooze Slim Twist Professional Kit

Our best-selling, most-reliable vape pen simply went PRO! Presenting the Slim Twist professional Kit, your brand-new go-to unit both for oil cartridges AND concentrate vaping. This really is a great starter kit proper beginning to go into concentrates, while still pleasing the experienced smoking veteran.

The Slim Twist professional is sold with our favorite Slim Twist battery, which includes a dial in the base in order to get a handle on the heat. Activate preheat mode with two ticks associated with the key for 15 moments of constant heating. Preheat mode is most effective with all the wax atomizer; prep your coil by having a round of Preheat mode before you take your dab.

This kit works with with all 510 thread cartridges, and you may utilize pre-filled carts or fill one together with your very own focus oil. Utilize the wax atomizer to dab your other concentrates because of the double quartz coils. Voltage settings cover anything from 3.3V (suitable for oil cartridges that are most) as much as 4.8V. Test out various heat settings for the wax, to obtain the taste that is best and clouds feasible!


  • Ooze 320 mAh Battery
  • Preheat mode
  • Adjustable Voltage: 3.3V – 4.8V
  • 15-Second Hold Time
  • Fits all 510 Thread
  • USB Smart Charger
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  • Smart USB Fast Charge
  • Automobile Protection Shut Down
  • Preserves Battery Cells
  • Wax Atomizer
  • Dabber Tool
  • 3 Quartz that is dual Wax
  • Body Weight: 0.12 lbs
  • Warranty CANNOT apply to Ooze batteries at fault from utilization of NON Ooze CHARGER.

Make sure to phone your neighborhood Supernova Smoke Shop to make sure we have Ooze Slim Twist professional Kit in stock. * Any prices are detailed for convenience and they are susceptible to alter.

1 review for Ooze Slim Twist professional Kit

Desert gramma – November 12, 2019

I got myself the Rainbow twist that is slim in June and paid quite a cent because of it online straight through the Ooze internet site. I enjoy this Vape pen and its own versatility. The good news is it won’t take a fee and I also have actually tried every thing. I’m actually disappointed that We can’t have it charged because i really like it a great deal. Unfortunately, the ongoing business will maybe not stay behind it. Once the fee failed numerous times in the initial charger that was included with the pen I i needed to ensure it had been not the charger evoking the issue. Thus I tried another charger, the very same sort of charger, USB with a light indicator, that i understand is very effective. Battery pack still will never charge. Now the ongoing business will perhaps not stay behind their product and I’m very upset. I paid more for the vape pen than i’ve covered just about any vape pen. BUYER BEWARE!!