A good content management system allows enterprises to create, manage and publish digital content across websites, mobile sites and social media platforms to reach their target audience and engage them with relevant information.

Enterprises need enterprise-class solutions with scalability that can act like a central repository with well-defined policies, governance and access controls.

This led to standardization of the web content management system allowing co-existence, adherence, and integration of all the open source components.


product_wcm (4)

Managing information in silos can cost considerable business loss. That’s why EBS enterprise-class Arête WCM system offers workflow based content creation with effective audit trail that boost productivity with accountability. Users can smoothly create, approve and publish content in a secure platform that safeguards corporate data from unauthorized access or use. Also, the system has digital capabilities with UI based platform. This allows enterprises to create user based experience content and publish it across digital channels without switching platforms or sites. But the most important feature of EBS’s Arête WCM is that it integrates your enterprise, team and social collaboration for high-productivity and fast updates to critical content.

a (1) Enterprise integrated platform
b (1) Indexing for search and version control
c (1) Web conversion and digital notifications
d (1) Secures personalized environment





Arête Web Content Management system is an enterprise-class complete open source web based system that provides:


* UI development based on workflows and approvals
* Single and easy-to-use interface for end-users
* Uncluttered UI that eases the development of internal, external and channel websites
* Fast, responsive and single-click interface

Advanced Custom Fields:-
* Add, customize, edit and change field attributes as per user requirement
* Devise custom fields for better functionality

Out-of-the-box tools:-
* Personalize your work environment with over 60 customizable portlets
* Use the suite to facilitate web publishing, social networking, collaboration and content management

Service Oriented Architecture:-
* Easy integration of key functions such as HR, Accounting and Sales
* Knowledge sharing workspaces to ease communication and users in dispersed geographies, teams or departments can be grouped for focused communications

Role-based content delivery:-
* Administrator can control access to content and enforce select rules on who can edit, publish content, files, and applications
* Search and tag web content, documents, message board threads and more
* Search information and filter results using specific criteria


Enterprise application integration:-
* With existing legacy applications – allows users, administrators and developers to