The ability to integrate data from disparate sources, turn them into meaningful reports and dashboards and then wrench future strategies out of it – is a big challenge for enterprises these days.
Especially, with ballooning big data and the proliferation of devices, the need for BI tools has increased multifold.
Enterprises have to become flexible and more forward looking than ever before to adapt to the changing business landscape.
They are in constant search for dependable business tools that can ensure data quality and allow managers have access to right information before making a strategic decision.



Better insight begins with asking the right questions. This is the key to strategic business decisions. At EBS, we have the capabilities that translate data into a driver of growth. Information is churned and delivered to business leaders at the right time to optimize performance.
The key here is to get you the right answers for all your business queries whenever you require them.
We empower business leaders to sense opportunities and respond appropriately by quickly going through their data repository. And using customer insights, enterprises can know what customers are buying and how they are likely to purchase in the future.
Our key offerings include:

a (1) Data storage management
b (1) Information delivery
c (1) Big data mining solutions
d (1) Accounting/Financial management with QMS & Audit processes


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Arête BI solutions drive business efficiencies by helping you understand key performance metrics and predict future trends. Through Arête BI tools you can spot areas that are not adding value to your enterprise thereby helping you save costs.
But the biggest advantage of deploying Arête BI tools is that you can identify new business opportunities by using innovative predictive models.


04 Improved management & operational processes
04 Key performance indicators
04 Great for driving specific actionable behaviour
04 Increased revenue and reduced costs