Software/Application development is generally a time consuming and labor intensive process going through the life-cycle of developing, testing, deployment, control and monitor process. Once the IT infrastructure and applications are up and running, you need to back it up with 24/7 quality service levels to drive optimum performance. But it becomes difficult for enterprise to get into this routine tedious details while concentrating on their core business activities. What enterprises are looking for is a simple flexible and agile application development and maintenance service model that can turn around the IT support services into improved efficiency, cost reduction and better business outcomes. The key challenge is to deliver all these metrics within the time and budget constraints of the client.


User satisfaction scores over transactions when we develop an application. The logic is when you have more satisfied users, you will be able to serve your customers better. The hands off policy of our application development means you need not micro manage every routine operational issues, freeing up your time and resources to channelize into other growth based projects. We develop tailor-made software as per your specific needs and is flexible enough to re-customize as per your changing business requirements.

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EBS’s application development and maintenance services offers many regular benefits like boosting overall productivity, faster output, cost reduction and agility to meet business fluctuations. But the key differentiator of our application and maintenance services are the ability to deliver continuous improvement as per customer demands, which helps in real business transformation.


04 Post Go-Live Support for complete maintenance and total quality management
04 Customized Development to suit your organizational structure and specific business needs
04 Remote Desktop Support for quicker ticket resolution
04 Smooth transition with major upgrades for scalability
04 Security administration to thwart cyber risks and data loss
04 Continuous improvement plan