Effective learning and development programs for employees is a key driver of growth. Especially when there is so much change taking place in the economic, social and digital landscape. Enterprises need to constantly upgrade the skills of their employees to stay relevant in the business. Global workforce is an imperative in a globalized world, and new technologies require new skills. Emerging markets opens you up to diverse cultures and demographics. So employees need better understanding of customer behaviours and even better soft skills to communicate effectively with them. There is always a knowledge gap as enterprises enter into a transition phase. Enterprises need to scale up their learning curve to learn new ways of doing business to overcome new business challenges and achieve growth. Today, it’s a key responsibility area of every CEO to build a truly learning organization. Because a company is as good or as bad as it employees are.


No two organizations or businesses are the same. What works for one will not necessarily work for another. That’s why EBS gives extra efforts to understand and assess your needs before designing a learning solution for you. Our training assessment provides a 360-degree review of the current skills level of your employees and where they need improvement to take your company to the desired performance level. This assessment is conducted at three levels – Overall organizational level, Job level, and at Employee’s level. Then we develop the learning solution that you can deploy as a strategic tool for improving workplace performance.

a (1)   Corporate Training

c (1)   IT Training for professionals

b (1)   Certificate Training: Oracle, Sun, ITIL

d (1)   E-learning solutions

e  Knowledge Management Services

f  Career Development Training


training and development_a (1)
training and development_b (2)
training and development_c (1)
training and development_d (1)


With EBS Training and Development program, you get a training program based on your organizational objectives. This is an integrated solution where learning becomes a part of your corporate culture.
By deploying our training and development program you can set benchmark for quality process technology.
There are also many programs for managers and business leaders to drive more effectiveness at workplace.


04 Competitive edge to the firm
04 Remove performance deficiencies
04 Improve employee satisfaction
04 Reduce absenteeism & turn over
04 Better learning curve