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For long, integrating myriad business processes to reduce cycle time and improve productivity has been a key feature of ERP systems. But with changing business landscape and onslaught of digital mediums, enterprises have to weigh older ERP system to ascertain if it still has the capabilities to meet modern challenges. Furthermore, business leaders of today are often required to make faster decisions with fewer errors than their predecessors. ERP systems are no longer confined to legacy systems of shared database supporting multiple business functions among employees. Enterprises today have greater expectations from modern ERP like CRM integration for improved customer service, BI for strategic decision making, and add on customizable features to meet their unique business requirements. With the shift in technology, customer behavior and vendor relationship, enterprises need ERP systems that allow constant upgrade for enhanced functionality to stay relevant in the business.


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Arête ERP solution helps you to connect and manage every aspect of your business operations with the decision support systems. It utilizes resources effectively, for more informed collaboration and decision making. Arête ERP tools integrate customer, business and technology with enterprises wide solution to ensure consistency in business processes. It improves productivity with management controls. Built on best of breed open sources, it provides you with much required edge to deal with increasing competition, shifting market trends, demanding consumers and technological advances with capabilities like:

a (1) Comprehensive automation, a 360º view of your business
b (1) Improved Productivity & Management Control Tools
c (1) Cost-effective Operations, Distribution and Storage Management
d (1) Accounting/Financial Management with QMS & Audit Processes


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There are four clear advantages of deploying Arête ERP solution:

Strategic – Improved process controls and decision making capabilities
Operational – Optimized resource management and reduced cycle time
Financial – Better cash flow management and increase in stakeholder value
Technical – Robust infrastructure for cost cutting and process automation


04 Faster Financial consolidation, Statutory & Management
04 Integrated social and business collaboration with clustering and virtualization
04 Faster implementation minus hassel licenses with flexible adoption
04 Integration of inventory, project and customer relationship management
04 High performance, Availability, Security and Vertical & Horizontal Scalability
04 Best of the open source breed for all the layers enabling customers to choose the preferred technology
04 Capable of switching to different open source and stay upgraded on the technological front
04 Unlimited user licenses to accommodate more resources as the business grows
04 Latest Web Services & APIs that easily integrates services with any system