Today IT infrastructure is at the core of business transaction. A robust and secure IT infrastructure is a must for enterprises to survive and scale up in a rapidly changing business environments. The importance of IT infrastructure becomes even more important considering the current tectonic digital shifts in the technology space. Strategic business alignment with IT infrastructure is an enterprise imperative today. And to do that enterprises have to deal with key components of IT infrastructure and security:

* Hardware parts like computers, servers, data centers and routers, etc.
* Software applications like ERP, CRM, Analytics tools and BI applications, etc.
* Network components like internet connectivity, firewall protection and other security issues.
* Users issues like group admin, generic and specific access to any IT applications.

On one hand it’s about smooth flow of IT operations for business enablement and on the other hand, it’s about managing IT security risk.


EBS offers Infrastructure Support & Security services to effect business transformation through maximum utilization of your IT assets and securing it from security threats. It’s a comprehensive IT infrastructure management service designed to weed out IT inefficiencies and protect your information from security breaches. Especially when your business grows, you need rapid expansion of networks, IT advancements for greater number of end users and full proof security measures to protect yours and clients vital information.

a (1) Security Services
b (1) End User Services
c (1) Application Services
d (1) Network Services
e Security Audits
service_infra (1)


IT infrastructure _a (1)
IT infrastructure _b (2)
IT infrastructure _c (1)
IT infrastructure _d (1)
IT infrastructure _e (1)


The biggest benefit of EBS IT Infrastructure Support and Security services is that it helps you to manage the complex technologies and critical security issues in a planned, organized and comprehensive way. It ensures your IT assets are in line with your strategic goals and is immune to external and internal security risks.


04 End-user satisfaction with improved productivity
04 Customized Development to suit your organizational structure and specific business needs
04 Reduced TCO on IT infrastructure
04 Industry best practices and regulatory compliance
04 Secured information and systems from threats and attacks
04 Dedicated experts for IT infrastructure security